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    meta: lock inode/dentry hash dirs during resync · 93d2a1ff
    Phoebe Buckheister authored
    mkdir() and rmdir() during resync can cause races between bulk sync and
    mod sync that can lead to failed resyncs or even data loss.
    if a client runs mkdir() that creates an inode in inodes/$L1/$L2 after
    bulk sync for inodes/$L1/$L2 has synced all inodes, but before (or
    while) bulk sync is removing all inodes it has not transferred itself,
    the new inode may be erroneously deleted. if a client runs rmdir()
    instead, the deleted inode may cause a resync failure when bulk sync
    tries to remove a file that is no longer present.
    (cherry picked from commit a0c307c513a7697be03ddd0c203c6e612a936053)
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