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......@@ -107,7 +107,14 @@ print_usage_and_exit()
echo " numbers are shifted by this number. Useful in order to"
echo " have several BeeGFS instances running on the same node."
echo " Default: ${DEFAULT_PORT_SHIFT}"
echo " -f PATH => Path to additional BeeGFS config files."
echo " -f PATH => Directory containing additional beegfs config files."
echo " There can be one file for each service as well as the client."
echo " They must be named in the form beegfs-<service>.conf, where "
echo " <service> can be meta, storage, mgmtd, helperd or client."
echo " Only the options specified within the files are"
echo " set/overwritten, the rest of the defaults will not be"
echo " touched and still be applied. The directory and the "
echo " files need to be present on every node."
echo " -L PATH => Log file directory. If necessary, the directory will be"
echo " created. Default: ${DEFAULT_LOG_PATH}"
echo " -l => Prefer local storage nodes."