1. 26 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  2. 25 Oct, 2018 1 commit
    • Oliver Steffen's avatar
      client: add OFED_INCLUDE_PATH to cflags · 9a0ff86e
      Oliver Steffen authored
      Use user supplied OFED path when building kernel module by adding the include
      path to the CFLAGS, if set.
      Fix this in both Makefile (used for development) and also Release.mk (shipped
      for building the module on-site).
      (cherry picked from commit 8cf8fee28e261ef563d679b6f92543ca2a8d18e4)
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  11. 16 Jul, 2018 2 commits
    • Phoebe Buckheister's avatar
      client: set posix acl to uncached on read · 573d194b
      Phoebe Buckheister authored
      returning the acl without calling forget_cached_acl will cause the
      currently cached acl (default: empty) to be user on all further acl
      accesses for the inode, until the inode is flushed. flushed happen only
      under memory pressure and during unmount, thus the current behaviour is
      far from what users expect.
    • Phoebe Buckheister's avatar
      ctl: improve error message for meta buddy group add failures · a9b44fdc
      Phoebe Buckheister authored
      meta buddy groups that contain the root inode must be created such that
      owner of the non-mirrored root inode becomes the primary of the newly
      created group. adding a group that does not satisfy this condition
      should give the user some info about why the process failed, not just
      *that* it failed and an error message no user can be expected to
      see #941
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  19. 06 Jun, 2018 4 commits
    • Bernd Lietzow's avatar
      Merge branch '948-owner-calculation-v6' into 'v6' · 2790927d
      Bernd Lietzow authored
      Resolve "Remote IO error when creating the same file from two different mount points simultaneously, with metadata mirroring on"
      See merge request beegfs/projects0!788
    • Phoebe Buckheister's avatar
      meta: expect correct owner node ID for lookup-intent stat · d5ec1748
      Phoebe Buckheister authored
      when two clients race to create the same file in a meta-mirrored setup
      only one of them can succeed. the other will have to either fail
      entirely (for exclusive creates) or use the file created by the winning
      client (for non-exclusive creates).
      creates are usually accompanied by stat to retrieve important file
      metadata as well. the losing client will see that the file has already
      been created and only attempt to stat the file it has just found.
      during stat it expects the file to be on the wrong node: owner checks
      are done expecting primary-of-group(localNodeID) instead of expecting
      localGroupID. for groups created with the id of their primary server
      this usually succeeds (until failover happens), on others it will fail.
      fixes #948
      (cherry picked from commit ed46b0cc5e7916632b83cd67e8506573c5b20f0f)
    • Bernd Lietzow's avatar
      Merge branch '954-int-overflow-v6' into 'v6' · f25bfe9b
      Bernd Lietzow authored
      Resolve "integer overflow with certain chunk sizes and number of targets"
      See merge request beegfs/projects0!785
    • Oliver Steffen's avatar
      common: fix uint overflow in getStripeTargetIndex() · 91ff4e41
      Oliver Steffen authored
      expressed formula differently:
         (pos % stripeSetSize) / chunkSize
       = (pos % (numTargets * chunkSize)) / chunkSize
       = (pos / chunkSize) % numTargets
       (pos / chunkSize): number of chunks from beginning of file
      removes the previously overflowing stripeSetSize variable.
      (cherry picked from da4e5efa2b931a10b0d460458316c41f4a639563)
  20. 05 Jun, 2018 1 commit