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    • Phoebe Buckheister's avatar
      build: extract common makefile code from all subproject makefiles · 82c0a284
      Phoebe Buckheister authored
      this is essentially a rewrite of the build system.
      our makefiles contained a lot of code that they all shared (more or
      less). some definitions (like subproject paths) were always the same,
      flags like CXXFLAGS or LDFLAGS shared a lot of commonality as well.
      all common code now resides in /build/Makefile, which should be
      included by subproject Makefiles. the common makefile provides
      everything necessary to define libraries and executables without much
      (cherry picked from commit 0f4df2acfce13cff789911e0e9f7e177f65864d4)
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    • Bernd Schubert's avatar
      utils: Fix deb package build · 345f275e
      Bernd Schubert authored
      The shell called from the debian Makefile does not accept common bash
      commands and package building failed due to recent commits.
      And even something like that failed:
      for file in ../scripts; do [ -d ${file} ] && continue; cp ${file} ${DEB_BUILD_ROOT}/usr/bin/
      (but worked on my shell), so we simply copy all files and dirs with
      cp -a and then delete the lib directory.
      rpms builds probably would not have failed, but as soon as an rpm
      distributions would have switched to a default shell != bash it also
      would have failed (RHEL7? SLES15?).
  20. 16 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Bernd Lietzow's avatar
      fhgfs-ondemand: move stoplocal helper script to lib folder · 38831861
      Bernd Lietzow authored
      There is now a folder scripts/lib in the fhgfs_utils package, it can be used
      for helper script files that just get sourced from other scripts.
      fhgfs-ondemand is modified so that it finds "lib/fhgfs-ondemand-stoplocal".
      The debian/rpm package files now also add the scripts/lib path (will be
      installed to /opt/fhgfs/scripts/lib).
      Note: The "scripts" folder used to be installed using a
      "cp scripts/* (buildroot)/usr/bin" command. Now there is a subfolder which is
      installed to a different location, so in order to avoid an "omitting directory"
      error from the cp command, I changed the * to a list of file names, which means
      in the future, when more files should be added to the folder, they also have
      to be added to that list.
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    • Bernd Schubert's avatar
    • Bernd Schubert's avatar
      debian packages: Add a -dbg package · 0fdf1c1b
      Bernd Schubert authored
      We *must not* publically provide debug packages as long as we are
      not open source, but we should store those debug packages somewhere.
      If we get a bug report with a backtrace we can use this debug package
      to resolve symbols.
      Note: This disables binary stripping by our Makefile by default.
            Stripping is now handled by the package creator (rpm and deb packages
            are stripped by default anyway) and a new Makefile target 'strip'
            was added for convenience if manual stripping is required.
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    • Christian Mohrbacher's avatar
      fhgfs_utils: removed "" around FHGFS_VERSION in Makefile · 1008d192
      Christian Mohrbacher authored
      after commit d2137635a6f8575322ce2e0a8817eb6fd8245d78 build of fhgfs_utils did not
      work, because the Makefile of utils adds "" around FHGFS_VERSION and the Makefiles
      of fsck and online_cfg do this as well when they are called from inside utils.
      This resulted in ""$(FHGFS_VERSION)"", so on "" was inserted into the placeholder
      inside the code, which led to a compilation error
      (cherry picked from commit 45a1ab87c6ce867046263c64503beab2812fb99a)
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  33. 28 Nov, 2011 1 commit
    • Bernd Schubert's avatar
      package build: use version from 'fhgfs-version' · 119bb02a
      Bernd Schubert authored
      Add a new file 'fhgfs-version', which sets the current version
      and other shell exports. Further version string updates should
      be done in this script. This script is then sourced by all
      rpm and deb build scripts
      Also update
      and remove the old svn complete-repo-style-checkout build support.