Commit e293092b authored by Bernd Lietzow's avatar Bernd Lietzow 🐨 Committed by Phoebe Buckheister

client: add ib_create_cq call for kernel 4.17

Kernel 4.17 changes the function to include the caller name, and adds a
macro of the same name as the funtion which adds the KBUILD_MODNAME. We
check that this macro is defined, and use it if so.
parent b75f150b
......@@ -1810,7 +1810,7 @@ struct ib_cq* __IBVSocket_createCompletionQueue(struct ib_device* device,
#if defined (BEEGFS_OFED_1_2_API) && BEEGFS_OFED_1_2_API >= 1
return ib_create_cq(device, comp_handler, event_handler, cq_context, cqe);
#elif defined OFED_HAS_IB_CREATE_CQATTR || defined ib_create_cq
struct ib_cq_init_attr attrs = {
.cqe = cqe,
.comp_vector = 0,
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