Commit d435ab39 authored by Oliver Steffen's avatar Oliver Steffen

client: fix build with OFED4.3

OFED 4.3 changed rdma_create_id to a macro, which is not found
by the feature detection. Using a check for that in the code.

(cherry-picked from 823497768594d0e204be983b01c26b1a511eb053)
parent 0d8b1b1c
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ bool __IBVSocket_createNewID(IBVSocket* _this)
struct rdma_cm_id* new_cm_id;
#if defined(OFED_HAS_NETNS)
#if defined(OFED_HAS_NETNS) || defined(rdma_create_id)
new_cm_id = rdma_create_id(&init_net, __IBVSocket_cmaHandler, _this, RDMA_PS_TCP, IB_QPT_RC);
new_cm_id = rdma_create_id(__IBVSocket_cmaHandler, _this, RDMA_PS_TCP, IB_QPT_RC);
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