Commit bfde6914 authored by Bernd Lietzow's avatar Bernd Lietzow 🐨

buddyresync: Added missing abort to error in mod sync.

parent baae0287
......@@ -114,6 +114,11 @@ FhgfsOpsErr BuddyResyncerModSyncSlave::streamCandidates(Socket& socket)
LOG(ERR, "Modification resync failed.", element.path, element.isDeletion, resyncRes);
// Since this error prevents the resync from reaching a GOOD state on the secondary,
// we abort here.
// terminate the current stream, start a new one if necessary. we could (in theory)
// reuse the current stream, but terminating a stream that has seen an error is simpler
// to handle than keeping it open. also, bulk resync would like "fail on error"
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