Commit 2a0ab2fb authored by Phoebe Buckheister's avatar Phoebe Buckheister 🦎

meta: don't send UpdateDirParent from secondary during move

not only is this unnecessary work (the primary has already sent the
message), it may also race with a starting resync and cause a deadlock
when the UpdateDirParent message is sent back to the primary.

(cherry picked from commit 08efde057b58ba6e3de2c651757e78967857a23b)
parent 43209ada
......@@ -298,7 +298,8 @@ FhgfsOpsErr RenameV2MsgEx::renameDir(DirInode& fromParent, EntryInfo* fromDirInf
rmDirEntry->getEntryInfo(parentID, 0, &removedInfo);
updateRenamedDirInode(&removedInfo, toDirInfo);
if (!hasFlag(NetMessageHeader::Flag_BuddyMirrorSecond))
updateRenamedDirInode(&removedInfo, toDirInfo);
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